The Arctic Fox Initiative
Fjällräven launches The Arctic Fox Initiative to support projects that give back to nature

Date: 2018-12-20

Drawing from a long tradition of environmental commitment and high customer engagement, Fjällräven now introduces The Arctic Fox Initiative. The initiative is a springboard for new projects and bright ideas that help protect the environment and inspires more people to spend time in it. Anyone can apply with a project, funding is decided by a jury and a public voting system and based on the sales of selected products. The goal is to create more involvement in environmental issues in a wider group of people and to realize projects anywhere in the world that make a difference.

The inaugural year, 2019, Fjällräven itself will chose projects that have already caught its eye. Voting – via social media and Fjällräven’s own website – will be open from 25 April until 25 May. For 2020, projects can be submitted through Fjällräven’s website.


Who can apply?

Any non-profit organisation working to protect nature and/or those working towards inspiring more people to spend time in nature.


The application period for the 2020 fund opens in February 2019.


On the new Arctic Fox Initiative website that will launch mid of January 2019. Some first information is already available there now.


History shows the way

The Swedish outdoor brand has supported people and projects that take care of nature or promote an outdoor life since 1960. Fjällräven’s founder, Åke Nordin, always had a deep respect for nature that spread to the employees, the events and of course Fjällräven’s clothing and equipment.

The most notable project through the years is the Save The Arctic Fox project. In 1994 the project began supporting Fjällräven’s namesake (Fjällräven means arctic fox in Swedish) through a team of scientists at Stockholm University, led by Professor Anders Angerbjörn. Anders’s research has helped shed light and - together with Fjällräven - awareness on the plight of the Scandinavian arctic fox with many positive effects. Fjällräven hopes that the Arctic Fox Initiative will bring about similar positive change in other areas too.

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Together we can do more

”Since the 1990’s we’ve been involved in different projects that support the arctic fox and we’ve learned that climate change is part of the challenge threatening our namesake. So for us it has become a symbol for doing our bit to protect nature. We realised that we can do a lot, but together we can do more” says Christiane Dolva, Fjällräven’s head of sustainability. ”This is why we started the Arctic Fox Initiative, to expand the scope of projects we support and to get as many people involved as possible”

The first products to support this new initiative will be three special edition Kånken backpacks, two with unique print-designs by artists and a third with rainbow-coloured details. Launching in February is Kånken Art, featuring unique print designs by two Swedish graphic artists. Kånken Rainbow will follow in March.


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