Nature Is Waiting For You - Trekking Fall & Winter 2019
Introducing the Fall & Winter 2019 Fjällräven Trekking Collection

Date: 2019-07-04

It is in the north of Sweden that Fjällräven began its journey more than 50 years ago and it all started with trekking. At Fjällräven, trekking is a year-round activity. Whether on dirt or snow, grass or rock Fjällräven founder, Åke Nordin, would try his new products and ideas for their durability, functionality and reliability. And it’s still the way Fjällräven does it today; testing by using in real and demanding situations

For the Fall & Winter 2019 season Fjällräven incorporates nature’s most gifted material – wool – into more products than ever and revisits its roots through new functional products made for traditional trekking. The Singi line has been revamped with recycled and organic materials as well as traceable wool. Successful trekking events like Fjällräven Classic lead the way far from motorways and online life, where the wilderness is waiting. Read more about the complete Fall & Winter 2019 collection in the Press Kit or find inspiration in our Lookbook.





Reinvigorating the Singi Trekking Collection

  In the middle of a vast, seemingly never-ending valley, en-cased by some of  Sweden’s  highest mountains, the Singi valley lies at a crossroad – a junction of trails. North to south runs Kungsleden (The King’s Trail); to the east lies Kebnekaise and to the west Hukejaure. To Fjällräven this crossroad is symbolic: it represents a meeting of tradition and innovation. It was one of Fjällräven founder, Åke Nordin’s, favourite places to trek and it’s now a checkpoint on the outdoor brand’s growing trekking event Fjällräven Classic. No wonder Fjällräven has named its core, traditional trekking collection Singi.



Inspire people to go outdoors: The Fjällräven Classic Events

Fjällräven runs trekking events to enable more people to spend time in nature. Fjällräven Classic  started as an event to inspire more Swedes to experience long-distance carry-it-all-yourself trekking through nature. It has since expanded to Denmark, the US, and Hong Kong. Read more about Fjällräven Classic in the Press Kit and on Fjällräven’s Foxtrail blog. And the journey continues: On 1st of July 2019 Fjällräven announces four more destinations for Fjällräven Classic in 2020 on their website.


The newly updated Singi collection is ideal for those looking for timeless style, but who place high demands on their clothing and equipment. It’s as simple as it looks. Singi products incorporate the best features of Fjällräven garments from throughout the decades.

"The traditional Swedish trekking culture is all about being out there for several days, maybe a week, and carrying everything you need with you. This is how Åke Nordin went trekking, it is how people have trekked the Kungsleden trail for decades," says Henrik Andersson, Head of Design and Innovation at Fjällräven.

However, the continuous work to improve and develop products does not stem from an eagerness to change things just for the sake of it. The basis for this is what it should be, and new solutions don’t come overnight.



Singi Wool Padded Parka Canada Wool Padded Jacket Vidda Pro Jacket Vidda Pro Ventilated Trousers Singi 48



Why Wool?

Discovering the potential of one of the most functional and sustainable materials

When it comes to making use of wool, Fjällräven is a pioneering company. For the Fall & Winter 2019 collection Fjällräven is using ever more recycled wool, it’s expanding its use of traceable wool, it’s continuing its use of Swedish wool and adding recovered wool. All this is to help Fjällräven meet its goal of being the most sustainable brand in the outdoor industry.

“We have always had wool products in our range. And we have learnt a lot more about the material over the years, and continued to use it in more products in different ways," says Erik Blomberg, Head of Innovation at Fjällräven.

The highly sophisticated natural fibre and arguable one of nature’s most functional materials is:

  • Durable and elastic
  • Renewable and biodegradable
  • Warming when it’s cold, pleasantly cooling when the weather is warm
  • Odour resistant while effectively wicking away moist




Fjällräven plans to convert its entire wool supply chain to either traceable or recycled / recovered by 2020. It promises to keep you warm in wool for generations. Find out more about Fjällräven’s use of wool on the website or listen to Sustainability Manager Christina Dolva explaining the Fjällräven wool program in a short video.


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