Nature Is Waiting For You - Everyday Outdoor Fall & Winter 2019
Introducing the Fall & Winter 2019 Fjällräven Everyday Outdoor Collection

Date: 2019-07-04

Fjällräven’s fall & winter 2019 Everyday Outdoor Collection is bridging the gap between trekkers and urbanites. The intergration of clean, simple designs with durable, functional materials can take anyone from urban areas to natural surroundings in complete comfort. As always, Fjällräven’s high standards of sustainability are evident, and this season is no exception: All new G-1000 items are made using the more sustainable version of this highly functional and adaptable fabric, made from organic cotton and recycled polyester. In addition Fjällräven incorporates nature’s most gifted material – wool – into more products than ever. Read more about the complete Fall & Winter 2019 collection in the Press Kit or find inspiration in the Lookbook.

  Everyday Outdoor Adventures are closer than you think and especially beautiful in the fall. When the countryside suddenly burns bright with colours and greens are replaced by yellows, golds and reds. Spending time in nature is good for us and it needn’t require Herculean effort to accomplish. Explore some of our favourite places. A great way to stay warm out there, to wind down and enjoy time with your friends is around a campfire. Here are some easy tips on how to build a campfire in the outdoors.



From City to Nature - The Edible Country

In cooperation with Fjällräven and Primus, Vist Sweden has launched “The Edible Country” in 2019 - a 100 million acre DIY gourmet restaurant. “The Edible Country” consists of a nine-course menu that visitors can prepare and cook themselves –in the Swedish wild. It’s co-created by Swedish Michelin-starred chefs Titti Qvarnström, Niklas Ekstedt, Jacob Holmström and Anton Bjuhr.

As part of the initiative, several handmade wooden tables have been placed across the country with ready-to-use kitchen kits and cooking tools from Primus and equipment from Fjällräven. The tables are bookable between May and September on Since the campaign has been such a huge success Visit Sweden is already looking into expanding it to next summer. Find more information on the Website.




Greenland collection takes a further step into recycled materials

Bridging the gap between trekkers and urbanites is a perfect job for the Greenland Collection. The intergration of clean, simple designs with durable, functional materials means your Greenland Jacket, Trousers, Vest, Fleece or Sweater can take you from any urban area to nearest natural surroundings in complete comfort. This has always been true of the Greenland range. All new G-1000 Greenland items are made using organic cotton and recycled polyester. In addition, Re-Wool, Fjällräven’s recycled wool – produced in Italy – goes beyond shirts and sweaters, and is made good use of in jackets, parkas, cardigans and even backpacks.

"We try to use recycled materials whenever we can. This is simply because by using materials that are already out there we save energy and resources, rather than using more energy to extract new raw materials. Wool is such an amazing material, it’s too good to go to waste. We believe our Re-Wool is a good alternative to virgin wool, because it uses a material that would otherwise be wasted," says Christiane Dolva, Fjällräven's sustainability manager. 



Greenland Re-Wool Jacket M Greenland Re-Wool Jacket W Norrvåge Briefcase Norrvåge Foldsack



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