All Trekking Needs Covered
Backpacks, Events and Rental Tents

Date: 2019-03-27

Trekking – that’s Fjällräven’s core. The new slimline Keb trekking backpacks are made for multi-day hikes and long-distance treks, like Fjällräven’s own event, Fjällräven Classic - which is now more global than ever before.  And if you’ve ever wondered what waking up surrounded by nature feels like, Fjällräven’s rental project, Fjällräven Tent Nights, is just what you’re looking for.   

Fjällräven doesn’t aim to conquer mountains, to tame rivers or beat the weather. Its goal is, and has always been, to walk with nature. To tread carefully. To trek on nature’s terms,  carrying everything you need on your back. The Swedish brand’s way of trekking was its founder’s driving force. As a boy, Åke Nordin would venture out into the wilderness for days at a time, his backpack filled with supplies, his tent and sleeping bag. He developed his first backpack to make carrying more comfortable in order to trek longer and further.   Over the years, clothing followed and in 2005 even an event – Fjällräven Classic – was developed and launched to enable and inspire others to trek in this low-impact way. Today Fjällräven Classic treks take place in four different countries and Fjällräven’s gear, designed to make trekking more comfortable, is available across the globe.  But resting on its laurels is not something Fjällräven knows how to do. It’s on a long journey and, as Åke Nordin said himself, “you can always make the good better”. Keb is just such a collection. Clothing is designed with long-distance, multi-terrain trekking in mind; gear combines function with rugged durability, medium weight with maximum comfort. Although Fjällräven added a daypack last year, it was yet to introduce a fittingly Keb-style trekking backpack - until now.

Finally, a long-distance trekking backpack in the Keb family

Meet Keb 52 and 72. These slimline packs offer outstanding freedom of movement. They have pockets where you need them, functional details when you want them but the packs don’t over-do it. They’re understated, with clean lines and a simple outer shell. And this ‘outer shell’ is made from a brand new Fjällräven material: Bergshell.

Durable, waterproof, sustainable

Bergshell  is a new, ultra-hardwearing waterproof material with a clear Fjällräven aesthetic. Its unique, textured flat rip-stop surface provides exceptional tear- and abrasion-resistance. This is fitting for backpacks like the Keb 52/72 – backpacks designed for the approach, for rugged landscapes, for steep and rocky ascents and scree-ridden descents.


The Swedish way of trekking

Fjällräven Classic started as an event to inspire more Swedes to experience long-distance carry-it-all-yourself trekking through nature. It has since expanded to Denmark, the US and Hong Kong and has even inspired spin-off events in Indonesia, Thailand and South Korea. Fjällräven takes care of all the logistics and planning; it even provides food and outdoor education. Participants are responsible for carrying all their gear on their backs and on respecting nature and leaving it in the pristine way they found it. You can read more about Fjällräven Classic on Fjällräven's blog, The Foxtrail.  Fjällräven runs trekking events to enable more people to spend time in nature. But what if they lack the gear to get out there? This spring/summer Fjällräven expands its rental project to make nights in nature a possibility for all. 

Fjällräven Tent Nights

Fjällräven believes that nothing beats waking up in nature after a good night’s sleep in a great tent. And it’s convinced people will feel the same when they give it a try, too. This is why Fjällräven is making its tents available to rent in selected stores for both shorter and longer trips into the wilderness. Not only is this a great opportunity to bring people closer to nature, it’s also an opportunity for people to try one of Fjällräven’s tents. So pack your things and get ready for an excellent outdoor experience!  “Fjällräven Tent Nights is a way for us to make nights spent in a tent accessible for people who don’t own a tent or who have “outgrown” their old one. We want to make it easier for them to get out into the wilderness by offering tent nights that will be great memories later on,” says Emma Gustafsson, project leader of Fjällräven Tent Nights.   Fjällräven will launch Tent Nights  in May 2019 in all Naturkompaniet stores in Sweden, in the Fjällräven brand stores in Amsterdam, Stavanger and Oslo as well as in the Fjällräven Store in Boulder (US).

For more information on the Fjällräven Tent Nights click here.