Good news for the Conscious Hunter
Fall & Winter 2019

Date: 2019-05-02

Conscious Hunting at Fjällräven is about balance. It’s not about trophies, showmanship or sport. There’s no wastage or needless excess. It’s simple, basic, human. It’s an interaction with the wilderness. It’s about respecting the overall ecosystem. It’s not about man, or woman, versus nature. It’s about our place, our role and our responsibility within it.

Fjällräven has been an acknowledged brand among hunters for over 50 years, simply because the clothes and equipment function so well during long days (and nights) in the outdoors. Today, the Fjällräven hunting range is designed specifically for the conscious hunter. Find out more about the sustainable materials used for the different layering systems and outfit solutions, especially the new, hardwearing Barents Pro Hunting Trousers as well as the updated Singi Series. Adapt Ted Lagrelius’ training tips for the perfect shot and discover the smartest seat in the forest - the new, versatile Singi Stubben backpack.

Under the name Conscious Hunting, a concept launched in 2015, Fjällräven has established itself as a leader in hunting clothing and accessories that excel on performance, versatility and fit. During the hunt, it is crucial to be able to focus on the task at hand. Clothing and equipment must be extremely well-designed and function effortlessly. For these reasons, adaptability and sustainability are the main features of Fjällrävens hunting range. Weather, locations and activity levels are changeable and a hunter’s equipment should be too. Fjällräven’s hunting collection is sectioned into four parts, or families: Lappland, Värmland, Sörmland and Singi. The families are helpful to pick from when you customize your equipment, since they reflect different types of hunting and functionality. How you combine them depends on your personal needs and preferences.

Build your own system

Fjällräven’s hunting collection consists of a flexible system of materials that you can regulate yourself according to your needs and the situation you find yourself in. The system builds on the layering-principle - using layers of different clothing to regulate your temperature according to the needs of the situation. Layers that complement each other. Important functions such as wicking moisture away from the body, keeping you dry and insulating against the cold need to work in combination with each other.


Wool closest to your body


Fleece and wool


G-1000, Hydratic and Eco-Shell


Down and synthetics

Wool gives optimal comfort, wicks moisture away and regulates warmth even when wet. Fleece and wool bind a lot of air and continue to wick away moisture. Use fleece and woolen sweaters, preferably with zippers or buttons so you can regulate them yourself. Our own durable outdoor fabric g-1000 makes the perfect outer layer. Hydratic and Eco-Shell as well – for when it is extra wet and windy. When it is extra cold, you need extra insulation. Down is the warmest but in wet and damp weather, synthetic padding is preferable.


Find out more about the different families from the Fjällräven hunting collection and how to combine the materials in layers in the Fjällräven Hunting Press Kit for Fall & Winter 2019.


Trusted equipment for the conscious hunter – strengthened and enhanced

Based on this system, where materials have been developed specifically to work together, Fjällräven continues to innovate and develop, and this season is no exception.

NEW: Barents Pro Hunting Trousers


Barents Pro, one of Fjällräven’s most best-selling trousers, has been updated and optimized for hunting. They are made from hardwearing and highly adaptable G-1000 Silent Eco, with a remarkable comfortable fit, reinforcements on the knees and rear and no less than six pockets – including a multipurpose pocket on the right leg. Perfect for long hunting days in the forest.

New: Singi Fleece Jacket


A robust, bonded fleece jacket that resists cold winds and is reinforced with G-1000 Eco on the shoulders and elbows for extra durability. Three zippered pockets – two at the sides and one on the chest – keep essentials close at hand. A versatile middle layer that works just as well under a shell jacket as by itself in milder temperatures.



"Conscious Hunting involves constantly improving and evolving as a hunter. Taking the perfect shot for example, takes a lot of training."
says Ted Lagrelius, shooting instructor for the Swedish Hunting Association.


Here are Ted's trainings tips:

  • Dry training - shotguns
    Train holding your gun against your cheek so your shotgun always comes to exactly the same place. This is needed to shoot well.
  • Dry training - rifles
    Shoot a lot at home without using ammunition. Practice the movements, let your body learn them and get to know your gun.
  • Get used to the recoil
    One of the most common mistakes made when shooting with a rifle is to let your body react before the recoil comes, which will result in a bad shot. Training shooting regularly will help you get used to the recoil. 
  • Regular training
    Train as much as you can, your shooting skills will decline as soon as you stop training!
  • Vary your hunting
    Don’t get stuck into one sort of shooting – try all different sorts, it will make you a better shot and hunter. Sweden is a fantastic hunting country with countless different forms of hunting available. If you practice different kinds of shooting, you will be well-prepared when the chance comes along to try a new form of hunting.


The new Singi hardware range - find the perfect solution for your hunting trip 

In Fall & Winter 2019 Fjällräven is introducing the highly versatile Singi range of backpacks and accessories that will enable you to customize your backpack so that it tailors to your specific needs and preferences. Made from robust and hardwearing G-1000 HeavyDuty Eco S, in recycled polyester and organic cotton and designed with comfort and agility in mind. 


UPDATED: Singi Stubben 


Have a seat! Stubben is Swedish for tree stump and the backpack has an integrated frame and padded top that lets you sit down and enjoy the surroundings. This upgraded version is made from sustainable G-1000 HeavyDuty Eco S and it offers more storage space. The main compartment is top-loaded but can also be accessed via a long zipper at the front, so you won’t even have to get up to get your lunch box. 


The new Singi hardwear range for hunting is completed by the Singi 48, Singi 28 and Singi 20 backpacks as well as the Singi Side Pocket and Singi Gear Holder for extra adaptability. Discover the full range in the Fjällräven Hunting Press Kit for Fall & Winter 2019. 


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