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Fjällräven’s versatile and reliable daypacks for Fall & Winter 2019 are the ideal companions for school, everyday life and short trips to nature.

Date: 2019-05-22

Being able to carry things - light or heavy, short distances or for days on end - while staying comfortable and moving freely, has been what any Fjällräven backpack is all about since the beginning in 1960. Today the Fjällräven range of daypacks has grown steadily and become famous for its functionality, reliability and comfort. As an homage to the early days and its long history of developing daypacks Fjällräven introduces the new Vardag series for Fall & Winter 2019 - designed with simplicity in mind and sporting the classic logo from the 70’s. Another new addition to the daypack collection is the Norrvåge series - made from premium recycled wool. And last but not least, the iconic Kånken family is growing with new Kånken Art Essentials celebrating nature and helping to protect it through the Arctic Fox Initiative.

Backpacks have always been the start for Fjällräven

In 1960 the young Åke Nordin started Fjällräven in a basement in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden by developing a revolutionary (light and strong)  aluminium backpack-frame and his very first own backpack to make the wilderness a little bit more accessible. A few years later, in the late 70ies, Fjällräven was already a known Outdoor brand, when Åke had read in the newspaper about the rise of back pain among Swedish citizens, with figures showing that as many as 80 percent of Swedes (including, somewhat alarmingly, young people) suffered from the problem. Åke believed one solution could be a backpack developed especially for schoolchildren. Fjällräven Kånken, the start of the Fjällräven daypack success story was born. At that stage in the company’s history, Åke was using the image of a fox running down a hill as logo for the brand. But it was more of an illustration than a logo and didn’t really stick in people’s minds. It was clear that Fjällräven needed a stronger identity. In the cramped staff kitchen of Friluftsmagasinet’s - Fjällrävens most important retailer back then which later changed name to Naturkompaniet - Åke Nordin and store manager Erland Westerberg started scribbling ideas. With the help of some experts, they developed the curled-up Arctic fox with a glint in its eye. This specific logo that can now be seen on big city streets as well as in the woods and wilds. 


A homage to the 70’s - The new Vardag daypacks series

Vardag is Swedish for weekday. The new Vardag range offers light backpacks and a totepack for everyday trips to school and work. To salute the early Fjällräven days, the products from this series all show the original Fjällräven logo from the 70ies. They are made from hardwearing G-1000 HeavyDuty Eco S fabric that protects your belongings and gives a classic Fjällräven look.

Everyday bags with a timeless urban appeal: The new Norrvåge series made from premium recycled wool The new Norrvåge range in the Fjällräven daypack category are timeless and beautifully crafted daypacks and bags made from premium recycled wool that let you carry your personal items with casual style. Known as Re-Wool at Fjällräven, recycled wool comes from both pre- and post-consumer sources across the globe, manufactured for Fjällräven in Italy. It can be defined as old garments or spill wool from the wool industry that’s been colour-sorted, shredded and re-spun to make new garments or in this case backpacks. “We try to use recycled materials whenever we can,” says Fjällräven’s sustainability manager Christiane Dolva. “This is simply because by using materials that are already out there we save energy and resources, rather than using more energy to extract new raw materials. Wool is such an amazing material, it’s too good to go to waste. We believe our Re-Wool is a good alternative to virgin wool, because it uses a material that’d otherwise be wasted.”


Everyday bags with a timeless urban appeal: The new Norrvåge series made from premium recycled wool

The new Norrvåge range is made from recycled wool fabric and feature natural-tone leather details. The Norrvåge Foldsack and the Norrvåge Briefpack come with a laptop sleeve making them the perfect companions for the daily commute. Norrvåge Pocket is the smallest member of the series and is perfect for carrying your indispensable necessities like phone, wallet or travel documents.


Kånken Art Essentials: Adding to the 1970ies classic, supporting the protection of nature through the Arctic Fox Initiative

In Summer 2019 Fjällräven launched the Arctic Fox Initiative. By donating a percentage of the proceeds from sales of Kånken Art, Fjällräven supports cause that work to protect our environment and inspire more people to spend time in nature. For the Fall & Winter 2019 season Kånken Art is joined by Art versions of the Kånken Essentials collection. The renowned artworks from nature loving graphic designers Erik Olovsson and Cecilia Heikkilä, are now available on selected items that not only make organising easy, but also celebrate nature and help to protect it.



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