Fjällräven’s new Bergshell Material Wins The OutDoor Award 2018 in the category “Innovation Material”

Date: 2018-06-18

Swedish outdoor brand Fjällräven has another award to add to its collection. It has just won the OutDoor Award 2018 in the category “Innovation Material” for its newly developed, abrasion-resistant and waterproof material, Bergshell, at the OutDoor Trade Show in Germany.

247 new and innovative products were submitted to this year’s OutDoor Award, 37 of which were selected by the judges to receive the prestigious award – with Fjällräven’s Bergshell material being one of them.

Bergshell is made from recycled nylon (31%) that is Global Recycled Standard certified. It is completely waterproof (up to 10,000mm) thanks to a white TPU laminate on the backside, preventing water penetration. But the most exciting development is the flat ripstop construction. Conventional ripstop fabrics have an uneven surface with the ripstop threads taking bumps and scuffs first as they are slightly raised. This protects the filament yarn beneath, but wears out the ripstop threads. However, with Bergshell’s innovative flat ripstop construction, abrasion is spread evenly over the entire surface of the fabric, considerably increasing the amount of abrasion it can withstand. Furthermore, Fjällräven has combined a filament yarn in the ripstop with an air-textured yarn in the base. Smooth filament yarn has a high tear strength, but lower abrasion resistance. However, when combined with air-textured yarn, which has a fuzzy surface offering greater abrasion resistance but lower tear strength, a material that blends the best of both worlds is created. As a result, Bergshell has both high abrasion resistance and high tear strength.  

“We’re delighted to have won the OutDoor Award 2018 in the category “Innovation Material” for Bergshell. Our goal was to create a sustainable and waterproof fabric with a clear Fjällräven look. So for this to be recognised by such as prestigious jury is fantastic,” says Henrik Andersson, Head of Design and Innovation at Fjällräven.

The jury awarded Bergshell because it is " important sustainable innovation. We were impressed by its blend of abrasion resistance, weight, hand and recycled fibre content.”

All the winners of the OutDoor Award are on display in Foyer East at OutDoor in Friedrichshafen.