Fjällräven Reveals Collaborative Collection with Swedish Fashion Brand Acne Studios

Date: 2018-08-30

For the first time, Fjällräven is collaborating with a high-profile fashion brand. Fellow Swedish brand, Acne Studios, is paying homage to Fjällräven with a collection of garments and bags that reinterprets Fjällräven classics.

On the face of it, the two brands are very different. Acne Studios is very much about artistic expression and creating ready-to-wear fashion. Fjällräven is passionate about experiences in the great outdoors and developing functional, durable products to bring people closer to nature. However, they share plenty of common ground. Although both are global, they’re strongly rooted in their Swedish homeland. Both are a little stubborn and they also share a relentless attention to detail.

By collaborating with a fashion brand like Acne Studios, Fjällräven is reaching out to a more urban audience. And by inviting this audience into its world through its iconic products, Fjällräven hopes to inspire more people to leave the city, discover nature and enjoy outdoor life.

When Acne Studios approached us we were honored, but curious too, because we’ve never done anything like this before. The result is a unique collection that embodies the timeless functionality of Fjällräven and the artistic approach of Acne Studios, while creating something completely new,” says Henrik Andersson, Head of Innovation and Design at Fjällräven.

Acne Studios is a long-time admirer of Fjällräven and considers its functional designs hallmarks of Swedish culture. “I grew up with Fjällräven. If you are Swedish, you have a very specific relationship with the brand. I’m very proud that it’s Swedish, and I wanted to share our love for Fjällräven with the world,” says Jonny Johansson, Creative Director of Acne Studios.

To create the collection, Acne Studios’s Creative Director, Jonny Johansson, carefully selected each piece, dissected it, studied its construction, kept its significant features, then brought Fjällräven into the world of Acne Studios. Fjällräven is producing all products and garments in the collection, adhering to its usual ethical and environmental requirements. By walking hand-in-hand with a fashion-oriented industry, Fjällräven hopes to inspire more people and industries to tread carefully, cherish experiences in nature and create iconic products that have a longer lifetime than fast-moving trends.

Keeping the significant features and assuring the core functionality of the products, was one of the main conditions for the collaboration”, says Henrik Andersson. “We allowed Acne Studios to play around with our product icons, but we were pretty stubborn when it came to unnecessary details, because by our definition everything that is added but doesn’t serve a clear purpose lowers the overall functionality of the product.

The result is a design that is clearly inspired by Fjällräven’s most well-known pieces, but features the distinctive character of Acne Studios. New details like fake-fur trims and reflective patches added to the Expedition Down Jacket, or an extended blush-pink panel added to the hem of a women’s blue parka, give the classic designs a fresh edit. Pockets have been oversized, and Fjällräven colours and technical materials have been used in playful ways.


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