Fjällräven Project Tent Nights makes Nature accessible for more people

Date: 2019-03-25

Fjällräven believes that nothing beats waking up in nature after a good night’s sleep in a great tent. And they are convinced people will feel the same when they give it a try. This is why Fjällräven is now making their tents available to rent in selected stores for both shorter and longer trips into the wilderness. Not only is it a great opportunity to get people closer to nature, it is also an opportunity for people to try one of Fjällräven’s tents.

“Fjällräven Tent Nights is a way for us to make nights spent in a tent accessible for people who don’t own a tent or who have “outgrown” their old one. We want to make it easier for them to get out into the wilderness by offering tent nights that will be great memories later on,” says Emma Gustafsson, project leader of Fjällräven Tent Nights.

For many people, a tent is a big investment that should last a lifetime. But needs can also change over time, interests develop and change, families grow and then get smaller again. “We want to help our users meet future needs. When hiking in the mountains with the whole family, a big tunnel tent is what you need, but if you are tenting with just one child, you only need a small, lightweight tent,” says Emma.

Fjällräven Tent Nights is also good for people who have their tent folded up in the garage for the majority of the time. Renting a modern and well cared for tent can be a good alternative for those who only use it a couple of times each year.

Fjällräven Tent Nights will launch in May 2019 in all Naturkompaniet stores in Sweden, in the Fjällräven brand stores in Amsterdam, Stavanger and Oslo a well as in the Fjällräven Store in Boulder (US).  For more information, prices and availability go to


So pack your things and get ready for an excellent outdoor experience! 


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