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Good news for the Conscious Hunter


Fjällräven has been an acknowledged brand among hunters for over 50 years, simply because the clothes and equipment function so well during long days (and nights) in the outdoors. Today, the Fjällräven hunting range is designed specifically for the conscious hunter. Find out more about the innovations for Fall & Winter 2019. 


Versatile Daypacks for Summer Adventures


From city to nature, Fjällräven’s products have always been about making getting outdoors easier and more comfortable. This is as true of their technical trekking trousers and backpacks and their mountaineering range as it is of their heritage products and everyday essentials. Any experience in nature – regardless of where and when – is to be cherished. And there are adventures to be had closer than you might think.


All Trekking Needs Covered


Trekking – that’s Fjällräven’s core. The new slimline Keb trekking backpacks are made for multi-day hikes and long-distance treks, like Fjällräven’s own event, Fjällräven Classic - which is now more global than ever before.  And if you’ve ever wondered what waking up surrounded by nature feels like, Fjällräven’s rental project, Fjällräven Tent Nights, is just what you’re looking for.


Introducing Bergshell - a fibre based innovation


Bergshell is a brand new material innovation from Fjällräven. It’s made from 31% recycled nylon that’s certified by the Global Recycled Standard; thanks to a tpu laminate it’s waterproof to 10,000mm; and a state-of-the-art weaving technique means it’s incredibly abrasion- and tear-resistant. 


Latest Press Releases

Press Kit: Fjällräven Polar 2019


300km of arctic wilderness. More than 200 highly skilled sled dogs, a handful of expert guides and a group of ordinary people. This is Fjällräven Polar 2019. Find our more about the event, the participants and the route...

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Fjällräven Project Tent Nights makes Nature accessible for more people


Fjällräven is making their tents available to rent in selected stores for both shorter and longer trips into the wilderness. Not only is it a great opportunity to get people closer to nature, it is also an opportunity for people to try one of Fjällräven’s tents.

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Press Kit: Fjällräven Conscious Hunting Fall & Winter 2019


Conscious Hunting defines Fjällräven’s approach to hunting, one that’s about balance in nature, not trophies or sport. But it also defines its approach to its gear. With materials like G-1000 Silent Eco, restriction-free fits, and well-placed pockets and details Fjällräven has. But Fjällräven continues to innovate and develop, and this season is no exception.

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Fjällräven’s sustainable Canada Wool Padded Jacket wins ISPO Award 2019


Fjällräven’s new Canada Wool Padded Jacket has just been chosen, from a long list of products, as winner of an ISPO Award 2019 in the ‘urban’ category.

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Press Kit: Fjällräven Fall & Winter 2019


For Fall & Winter 2019 Fjällräven has listened to the wishes of its core customer: the true outdoor enthusiast – out there in any weather. It has revamped its classic Singi trekking collection using traditional materials in new ways, given iconic items from the Greenland range environmentally-friendly winter makeovers with traceable down, recycled wool and G-1000 Eco and is also introducing a new range of backpacks made from recycled wool.

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