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100% Swedish Wool - Fjällräven Brattlands No.1 Sweater


On 16 November 120 wool sweaters will go on sale in selected Fjällräven Brand Stores and on Fjällräven’s ecommerce site. But they aren’t just any wool sweaters. The Brattlands No. 1 Sweaters are special. They’re made from 100% Swedish wool that has come from sheep partly owned by Fjällräven. 

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Forever Warm with Fjällräven Down Jackets


Technical details aside, Fjälläven’s winter jackets have one purpose: to keep you warm. And this season, the brand has looked deep into its existing range and created an offering that’s uncompromising in cold-weather performance. For Fall/Winter 2017 Fjällräven promises to keep you warm, forever.

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Fjällräven Eco-Shell - Forever Dry


Autumn is a tricky time of year, weather wise.With Eco-Shell, Fjällräven has developed a material that’s not only good for nature; it’s great at keeping you dry too.

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Welcome to Fall & Winter 2017 at Fjällräven


With the Fall & Winter 2017 collection Fjällräven has combined its heritage – its roots in nature – with the constant compulsion to preserve the great outdoors.

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Latest Press Releases

Fjällräven Polar 2018 - Journey of a Lifetime


Fjällräven’s hugely successful winter event is back, this time with a new country application structure, offering even more people the chance to embark on the life-changing adventure.

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Press Kit: Fjällräven Hunting Fall/Winter 2017/18


For Fall/Winter 2017, Fjällräven is proud to present a full range of equipment that’ll never get between a hunter and his or her perfect hunting experience. A line-up just as functional as it is conscious

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Press Kit: Fjällräven Spring/Summer 2018


This season Fjällräven has chosen to look back at one of its most iconic pieces. A jacket that was created for adventures in the outdoors. A jacket that has been worn and loved for generations. That jacket is the Greenland Jacket. And it was the starting point for an entire collection. For spring/summer 2018 Fjällräven is updating this classic and expanding the Greenland collection.

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Preview: Fjällräven Spring/Summer 2018


This season Fjällräven has chosen to look back at one its most iconic pieces. A jacket that was created for adventures in the outdoors 50 years ago and was the starting point for an entire collection based on Fjällrävens well known outdoor material G-1000. Now, in 2018, Fjällräven presents the Greenland Updated collection...

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Keb Expedition Down Jacket receives ISPO award 2017


Fjällräven's brand new Keb Expedition Down Jacket for Fall/Winter 2017/18 was chosen as "ISPO Award Winner 2017" in the category "Outdoor > Down Layer".

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Head of PR Fjällräven International
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The journey begins in a birch forest in Nikkaluokta (Northern Sweden). 2000 adventurers are ready to hit the King’s Trail and walk the 110km from Nikkaluokta to Abisko National Park. It’s an epic journey in a vast...

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The Life Cycle Of A Product

Every action has a reaction. Everywhere we go and everything we do leaves a mark. These marks can be benign...

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